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«Monsieur Antoine meets Rogerrelli»

It is Rogerelli’s job to warm up the audience before he announces „Antoine, Magician!“ Rogerelli knows how to make people laugh. He also knows how to juggle. With his ?devil stick? he can do some amazing tricks. Here’s magic for you. Rogerelli is very gifted and quickly raises storms of well-deserved applause. Yet far be it from him to therefore sit back and rest on his laurels!

Antoine finds himself compelled to step in, a smile on his face. He rolls up his sleeves and pulls off a stunt that leaves the audience baffled. Another one, and the kids are thrilled to bits.

Rogerelli becomes a bit jealous. He re-enters the stage and attempts to do Antoine’s piece of magic over again. This sets off peals of laughter.

Eventually Antoine and Rogerelli come to an understanding and finish off the show together, applauded by the audience. After all, two (logger) heads are better than one.

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