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«Two’s a crowd?»
Fate has decreed - the kind of fate, that is, that rules the cultural agenda - that two artists, with talent to burn, have to share what is dearest to their heart:
Their audience, their evening show, the stage.

Which of the two is going to win over the audience?
Will Antoine kindle the enthusiasm of his fans?
Will his bittersweet songs make the ladies’ hearts skip a beat?
Will his sleight-of-hand, his dandy’s charm meet the audience’s taste?
Or will it be Rainer, juggler of genius, matchless harmonica player, and sweet-talker, to boot, who won’t even let Antoine get a song in edgeways?

Their buffoonery is a happy blend of juggling, song and magic:
These two artists don’t have to prove anything any more - and cheerfully proceed to do just that.

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